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Very nice application for tracking

Usefull case you want to monitor something very often, Appl. needs to be started and let it running on target phone. I would like to monitor my trucks so its usefull for me but would like gps update lenghter from 1-60min. It will be even more attractive if it would have a remote control via sms.


Funktioniert einwandfrei !

This code has to be authorized with .....

Crap dont waste your time zero out of ten.

No email

Booooooo crap waist of time.

Dont waste your money

Lost the GPS signal turning a corner, the activation code didnt work and I couldnt follow any friends and they couldnt follow me. This is a complete waste of money, dont bother with it.


Dont waste your money

Phone tracker

Just bought this app. The tracking feature works great, correct to within approx 100ft or so, good way to track kids and favorite contacts in real time.

P.o.S/ crap

This app is @#£!. DONT waste ur money. Doesnt show u anything in real time except for yourself. Which is stuid. I have a map already. I only gave it a star because it was th lowest i cld giv. Shouldnt get one at all.

Great App!!!

Ive tried a few before this one. Wasted close to $100 on the others. This one is the most accurate & reports most often than the rest!! LOVE IT!!!!!! FANTASTIC APP LC

Great tacking app!!!

Good for keeping track of my parents!!!


Great for seeing where my family is

Good app for photographer

This is an amazing app if you want to see where your photos where taken.

Wouldnt even work

Couldnt get it to track the other phone we set up. Waste of money

Pretty Decent

Ideal to track friend / family on the highway. Puts Grandparents at ease. LOL

Great app.

It is very accurate and easy to set up.


This app works great. Very well developed and accurate.

Rip off

Does not work AT ALL. I want my money back. Also ignored when I sent an email for assistance with app. Dont waste your money.

Good app

Its an ok app. Useful when keeping track of family/friends who travel on the road. It keeps a history of their locations but Wont display it if they cant be tracked at the moment. Which means if they go missing, you will not be able to see their location history. There is no real-time tracking. The fastest is 1-minute update intervals and even for that you have to click "refresh" to work.

Not great

It constantly changes my location when I havent moved - if I go upstairs it puts me at a different address - it really has no idea where my phone is - it can locate the street just not the correct house address - am wishing I didnt purchase it


Great app if you are tracking yourself but if you are tracking someone else, terrible. It only locates them hours later by then its too late. Stay away. And thats with the paid upgrade.

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