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Verifying Codes

Not dependable, just like a nightmare!

tracker app

awesome if u have kids!

Terrible app

Paid for the full app so I would have real-time tracking. It does not real time track nothing. It is a lie and should be taken off of the App Store for lying about what they say their app does!! I would like a refund please!!

Worked one time, then stopped working

We downloaded the free version; it actually worked, then we decided to buy the paid version, and naturally, it stopped working. It says that my wife, who is 55 miles away, is in our apartment. This app is actually pretty dangerous if you need reliable information. Stay away!


I like this upp, when it’s work, only big problem with this upp, that every day or 2 time a day you have to send a request to friend to update his location, if he doesn’t update , you can’t see him !!!

Mediocre App

Disappointed in this app as it is not as intuitive as it could and should be.

Not good

Good when it works Have to send an invite all the time Can’t locate

Paid for the upgrade

I upgraded a few weeks ago paid the 3.99 and it’s always asking if I want to upgrade the app

GPS Tracking

For a paid subscription app it is extremely slow with respect to tracking location. The find friends and family free app is way more efficient and updates the GPS continually.

Freezes up all the time! Does not update location!

This App used to work great but now it freezes up and will not update! I can see where the persons at on maps but when I try and click on getting location it doesn’t do anything! It’s just frozen! I got the upgraded version because it worked so well but now for some reason doesn’t work at all. I am so disappointed since I never had an issue before and now there is no point of keeping it.


Too many codes and it doesn't work

Great app!

Husband drives 5 hrs on motorcycle to come up to summer camp every weekend. Use app to watch where he is! Only issue is support-sent email to update list of friends. No answer.

Needs to notify counterpart if user turns off ap

So the point of this ap is to keep locations on a loved one. But if they can simply turn off the ap, go where they want to go and then turn it back on, what's the point in that? My suggestion is if the user that you are tracking turns their ap off or it stops recording their location, it should notify the other party. Currently, it sends a notification to the user themselves if it stops recording, why not send a notification to the one that is tracking them?

Works only when open

I wanted to be able to track my newly licensed daughter but this app only works if she has the app open on her phone

Not working

Doesn't work. But a different app. The free version worked but when upgrading to the paid version, it takes ten minutes for a pin to drop and constantly says the person you are tracking needs to be asked permission to update their location. Don't waste your money. It's a terrible app. Asking for a refund!!!

Not Reliable - Stops working a lot

The phone tracker stops working and I've had to reinstall it several times in the course of a year. I'll be looking for a better app. I can't rely on PhoneTracker

Feel ripped off

Does not stay connected to other phones I am tracking. It consistently wants you to send an alert to the other phones to open the app to start tracking again! Defeats the purpose if someone takes the phone. I am tracking my kids and they are at school. If someone takes their phone, I can't track it if the thief doesn't open the app! I even paid for the upgrade version on each phone, I am out 12.00 now.

24 hours in and stopped working already!

Got the free version yesterday, used it fine for a couple hours. Everything seemed good so I upgraded to the paid version. Continue to work fine through the night. Got up this morning and that I have already lost by only contact, I cannot send another invite to link back up with them. No support, look elsewhere for a tracking app!!!

Works well.

Easy to use. Easy to read


Great App. For everyone in the Oilfield.. Thanks

Phone tracker

Love this app

Works very well



I LOVE this app when it works, but in the last several months, it has gone down constantly and will not update. I have refreshed, reinstalled, and rebooted my phone countless times, and none of it does any good. I just have to wait for it to come back up and start updating. My husband travels all the time and I also use it for my daughters. The four of us all have the upgraded app, so that we can keep track of each other. It has become almost useless, because it is down so much of the time. At this very moment, my husband is on a long motorcycle trip, and I have no idea where he is or if he is ok, because it once again is not working!!! Being able to track him is what makes his long trips bearable for me. I can't take this anymore! I am finding a different app!


Disappointed it's not too reliable.


It's a good app but I think one should easily add someone even without accepting request.


Doesn't update unless person you are tracking updates location. Defeats the purpose. Water money.


Five star 24/7

Don't buy it to track kids...

It just does not update or is accurate if your looking for real time tracking! You have to constantly ask for the person you tracking to update there position! That makes it a poor app for tracking others for Safety...

App is no good

This app always needs to be restarted. When I click on someone that I'm following the map of the United States comes up instead of their location. I even paid for it and it still is bad. Going to remove it.

Not working lately

Before I bought the app I was using the free version and it used to work perfectly.. now that I bought it it's not working properly the locations are always off and even when I ask the people I'm following to update their location they don't receive the request to update.. maybe I should've stayed with the free version.

Stay on

This should not turn off In case on emergency and a person becomes unresponsive they can't turn it on

Seems great

The app works just fine.


This app constantly stops tracking location and has to be restarted!

Great app

I like this app. It was able to let me keep track of my daughter while she was on vacation. It helped us to watch her on her way home to know where she was that. However it did seem to drain much of the battery.

Ok app, but a battery hog!!

I think as tracking apps go that it is an acceptable app, however, the amount of battery consumption in percentages far exceed any other app. This app is roughly 55 to 60% of battery and the next highest is google maps @ 10%. Deleting.


It's ok you should be able to put a cell number in and be able to track it? Should leave it to the person to secure their phone if they don't want to be tracked !


Paid $3.99 for an app that does not work. My wife and I both have IPhones and the paid app. Our settings are the same. Hers tracks me, my app will not stay connected with her signal.

Bad app

Never hooks up to the other phone you want to track

Phone tracker

Don't get me wrong it's not bad but if your trying to catch a lier this will get you close but be ready to explain why you use it

Does not work

I've had the free version for a long time and it's worked for the most part. However about a month ago it quit working correctly even after deleting and reinstalling. It will tell u an address of where someone is but u click on it to get more info and App just shuts down! Worthless...


Have been using the app for som time but it works only for a day or two, then it apparently turns of and I need to send a request to initiate the app on the searched phone. It's a payed version so one expect it to do what it promised. Totally useless the way it works to day!!!!!

I like this app

- keeps info of locations for 72 hrs - looks great - timely reply from customer service


Was following others in about 2 minutes. It's cool seeing where other people are. I like that you can ask them to update their location if it isn't current. 👍

Two thumbs up!

Being able to follow my family and see where they have been for the past 7 days is awesome. Works very well.

Its Okay

This app works when it wants to, I think the app has trouble reading the iPhone data. I just need to keep track of kids. And how the cell towers are placed😀

The best tracking app available. Needs iOS 10 update please.

This is the best app I have found to keep track of my loved ones. I depend on this app everyday.


Gotta restart app any time you want to use it. Crapola.

Disrupting pop up

Pop-up requesting a review keeps coming up when going back & forth in the menu even with paid version.

Bad App

I paid for the app but only the free version appears and it doesn't work. It still says my child is somewhere we went two weeks ago and he is sitting right next to me at our home. The App tech support only responded to one email and was no help.

So not what they say it is & supposedly does for you

Downloaded it 3 hours ago & paid for the full version. Settings are almost none existent. Have had to delete it 4 times now & re-install it because it freezes & does not respond to any prompts. When it does respond it is VERY slow but still does not provide any relevant details. This is one of my biggest app disappointments to date.

Not happy

Doesn't work. Even paid for upgrade and the phone hasn't tracked phones for past 48 hours

Garbage APP

I spent $ 12 go 3 phones I want my money!

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